Protecting YOUR four wheel rights since 1981

Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association


Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association

Formed in 1981 with the purpose of giving more representation to four wheel drive owners in Virginia legislation, Virginia Four Wheel Drive Association currently has over 500 members and is quickly growing. Help us fight for the right to keep public land open to the public and grow our sport responsibly. VA4WDA and our members orchestrate off-road education, sustainable land usage, and organized OHV trail conservation projects.


We offer introductory classes that cover the following topics and more! Some lessons include recovery basics, trail safety, how to properly winch, and how to Tread Lightly.


Join us in our efforts to maintain our natural forests and trails through projects such as nature cleanups and litter removal.


Join us at our VA4WDA Fall Run at Oakridge Estate in Nelson County, VA. This event offers 2 days and 40+ miles of trails catering to every build, ranging from stock to fully custom vehicles. Check out our events page to see more!

George Washington & Jefferson National Forests

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